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PAT BENATAR, the Queen of Rock

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Patricia Andrzejewski, her real name, was born on January 10, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was a foreman and her mother had intended to have a Soprano career before becoming a beautician.

PAT studied opera at Julliard High School of Music, which allowed her to work on her special voice which nature had gifted her of at birth.
She married her school sweetheart
Dennis Benatar, a soldier, and both left to live in Virginia. PAT worked there in a bank, which was not fulfilling for her.
She left Dennis and came back to live in
New York in 75.

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PAT in 1974

After a casting for a New-York Club, her singing career started to grow..... The Club manager, Rick Newman became her manager and had her signed for Chrysalis. She sang at "Catch A Rising Star", up to the release of her first album in 1979 " IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT " .

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PAT and her family life

In 1979, while working on her forthcoming album, the record company introduced her to this young talented guitarist : it was Neil Giraldo. That was the start of a love story ............

As the years passed by, Neil became her guitarist, her song writer, her producer, and ........... her husband !!!

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PAT and Neil Giraldo

They got married in Maui ( Hawai ) in 1982.

Three years later their first daughter,Haley, was born. Nowadays she wants to be singer.

In 1994, Hana was born.

The whole GIRALDO family for New Years's Eve 1999 in Las Vegas.

PAT and her family live in Maui (Hawaï).

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PAT, NEIL et HANA December 2001 in Lake Tahoe under the snow.

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PAT, NEIL and HALEY ( selected as Miss Golden Globes 2002 )
in the Golden Globes Awards ceremony, January 2002 .

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PAT and her career

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It's worth mentioning that even before her New York career started, PAT BENATAR had taken part in a record "COXON ARMY" in 1974 .

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Coxon Army

Her first single " HEARTBREAKER " had a massive success, which allowed PAT to reach fame quickly. Her first album "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" became several times PLATINIUM ALBUM ( 1 million sold ) as well as her next five albums. The performance of the two albums "SEVEN THE HARD WAY" and "WIDE AWAKE IN DREAMLAND", which went gold ( 500 000 sold ), is worth mentioning. These figures don't include the massive sales of singles and compilations.

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Each new release brings success. The total sales in PAT BENATAR's career, are estimated at 30 MILLION RECORDS SOLD!!!!!!!

PAT's look, at the beginning, was provocating. It calmed down as the years went by. The same phenomenon applies to her songs with feminist connotations in her first albums ...............

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PAT and her voice

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We can't help linking "PAT BENATAR" and " VOICE ". With a very rocky background music, PAT gives us a powerful voice, high pitched and rocky at the same time. This feature is typical of her and can't be found in any other singers. The fact that she can sing such high notes is due to her opera training in her youth.

It's difficult not to feel moved by so much beauty when we hear one of PAT's ballads, not even noticing the music behind the voice!!!

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PAT and her concerts


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PAT in concert in 1980
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PAT during a recent concert.
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PAT in 1983

What characterizes PAT BENATAR, is the uncountable number of concerts that she gave, which allowed her to start her career in the early 80's, and which made her reputation until today. The term "stage beast" is not exagerated when describing her.

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PAT during her world tour in 1983

Her capacity to captivate the audience, the atmosphere that she creates in the venue with her stage effect and her powerful voice drive the crowd wild.

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After having sung in stadiums, she still fills concert venues all over the United-States during her tours.

For 20 years, PAT BENATAR, has toured nearly every year.

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Not to miss is 2 video tapes ( or DVD ) currently on sale :

- The first one is a video taken during a concert PAT BENATAR gave in 1983 in New Haven.

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Live in New Haven

You can find this video in the Americans record shops ( www.amazon.com for example).

- The brand new one is a show that PAT BENATAR made the 8th of May 2001 in California for her fan-club.

SUMMER VACATION sold only on the official site (46Ko)   

 LIVE, the version of SUMMER VACATION 2001 sold in the shops (8Ko)  


You can buy them only by internet !! In the official site www.benatar.com or in American records shops like www.amazon.com .

If you want to learn more about Pat's videos, you can go to the discography's page in "videos" by clicking here

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PAT and her awards

PAT won four times in a row a "GRAMMY AWARD":

In 1980, she got two awards : one for the "Best Female Rock Singer" category and a second one for the "Best Album" for her record "CRIMES OF PASSION".

In 1981 PAT BENATAR won the award for the "Best Single" for "FIRE AND ICE" from the "PRECIOUS TIME " album.

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PAT at the Grammy ceremony in 1981

In 1982, thanks to the song "SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT" in the "GET NERVOUS" album, she won an award for the same category.

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PAT at the Grammy Awards in 1982

Finally, the mega hit "LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD" from the "LIVE FROM EARTH" album , in 1983, made her win her latest Grammy.

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The latest PAT 's gold record, recieved in 2001, for her album
BEST SHOT ( the American version released in 1989 ).

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PAT and her videos

The fans have always had the huge pleasure of a video for each single. Let's look back at some of them.

First of all, the very first one broadcast on MTV at its creation :

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PAT in " SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT " in which the action takes place during the second world war.

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One of her best video "SEX AS A WEAPON " in which PAT denounces women sexual exploitation for commercial purpose.

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" INVINCIBLE ", mega hit and great video : PAT looks MAGNIFICIENT!!!

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Her legendary video "LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD" whose story takes place in "the red light districts" of New-York.

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" LIPSTICK LIES ", a video not often broadcast but of a great quality.

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Let's notice the video "ANXIETY" which is still remembered due to its thriller scenario which takes place at the dentist's.........

(26 Ko)
" CHISTMAS IN AMERICA ", her latest video : december 2001 .

All her videos could be found in 2 video cassette compilations ( which unfortunately have become unavailable ) released in 1987 :

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Click on the photo to see it in a bigger size(51 Ko)

If you want to learn more about Pat's videos, you can go to the discography's page in "videos" by clicking here

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PAT and cinema

PAT sang several film soundtracks. Here they are :

1984 - " HERE'S MY HEART " for the movie METROPOLIS



1994 - " RESCUE ME " for the movie SPEED

How can we forget the opening scene of the film OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN with Richard Gere in which "TREAT ME RIGHT" can be heard?

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PAT also took part in several films and series as an actress :

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PAT in " UNION CITY " 1981.


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PAT acted in 1999 in the serie " FAMILY LAW ".

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PAT in 2001 in the serie " DHARMA & GREG ".

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PAT in 2002 in the serie " THE 80'S SHOW ".

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PAT and her charity work

The different involvements of PAT BENATAR in charity work would be difficult to list, as they are numerous.

We can still mention the record "SUN CITY" released in 85 against Apartheid in which she sang :

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PAT has also taken part in several charity concerts such as this one which took place in Los Angeles not a long time ago :

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The causes which are dear to PAT's heart are : child abuse, cancer, world starvation or Amnesty International.

PAT wrote and sang two songs denouncing child abuse "HELL IS FOR CHILDREN" from the album "CRIMES OF PASSION " which she systematically sings at her concerts and "SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN" from " WIDE AWAKE IN DREAMLAND ".

In 1985 PAT BENATAR, due to her pregnancy, could not take part in the song "We Are The World" , sung by the greatest American Artists to fight starvation. She donated all the profits of her mega hit at that time "WE BELONG" to that charity.

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PAT took part in the single YAKETY YAK TAKE IT BACK
promoting garbbage recycling.

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PAT & Neil during the tribute concert to Harry Chapin.

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PAT and Sheryl Crow for a charity TV concert ( Lifetime Girls & Guitars )
in 2001 for the prevention of breast cancer.

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PAT released this christmas single in 2001.
The benefits of the sales of this CD will go to the 11th September victims found.
To read the lyrics of this song
click here

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