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At the start of 1999, we had planned a trip to California in June.

Shortly before leaving, we heard that PAT BENATAR was touring that very summer !!!!

Unfortunately, it was too late to see her play in California !!

That little problem couldn't stop us !! We caught the first plane to Salt Lake City to see her live .

We have never regretted our getaway to the Rocky Mountains :


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The show was about to start, when we heard the first notes of "Treat Me Right ", the room heated up and PAT BENATAR entered the stage ......

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I couldn't reconize her look, but WHAT A VOICE !!! Then I could tell it was "My PAT ".

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She then followed on with " I Need A Lover " and 18 other hits.

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PAT honoured us by singing " Wuthering Heights ", the famous cover of Kate Bush's song , something she had never done live due to the vocal performance it demands!! But PAT BENATAR is gifted with an exceptional voice. She sang it to perfection of course !!!

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The audience remained breathless ! What a beauty ! How emotional ! Some had to hold their tears back ........

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What wonderful memories I wanted to share with you !

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PAT and Neil simulated a " row " during the "TRUE LOVE " song . The audience loved that bit of humour in the middle of the concert.

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Two hours live weren't enough. We wanted more ........................

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 Photos taken by Bruno.